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Melted Crescent

Ryder Jones, Multiple Moon, 2018

30 x 180mm

Steel, brass. 

From our exhibition with Ryder Jones and Ophelia Mikkelson Jones, 'Daylight Moon' 2018. 

Daylight Moon collects illumination. Consider the moon and its changing form. One night an indifferent circle shining cold, the next a personal symbol floating like a bleached orange. Always the same, and never the same. A chameleon changing to suit whatever feeling. And its light, when traveling across water, is a tapered ribbon always shining directly toward you. This exhibition is interested in the beauty, effectiveness and delusion of moonlight. 

Ophelia Mikkelson Jones is an artist whose practice slips between painting, photography & object making. Drawn to the magnificence of ephemeral moments her work is a conversation both instinctual and romantic. Ryder Jones is an artist working in the realm of sculpture. He makes spaces, objects and furniture.