Thomas Martin ~

First starting his relationship with KAUKAU as our joiner for our physical space, Tom has built upon foundations he established throughout that process to create a striking collection of chopping boards.

Designed & built exclusively for KAUKAU.

Mahsa ~ Modern Classics

Imbued with values of simplicity, authenticity and strength, each piece is timeless and sustaining.

Briana Jamieson ~

Winter Glow is a series of oil paintings with accompanying poems, which dwell on glowing moments found in the depths of winter.

Margi Nuttall ~

Defined by clean lines as an expression of volume. Each form is both quiet and strong; clear in their purpose and assured in their crafting.

Nau Mai Haere Mai

Welcome to KAUKAU, a new partnership between Nadya France-White (formerly ENA) and Prakashan Sritharan (formerly Precinct 35).

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